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Payment and shipping prices


We make payments in our store via as well as traditional transfers.

The account number for a traditional transfer is:
87 1030 0019 0109 8503 3002 6318

Shipping pricelist

Shipments in Poland are made by a courier company.
The shipping price in Poland is PLN 13.99.

We carry out international shipments within the EU, the price list of foreign courier shipments can be found below.

Wagado 2kgdo 5kgdo 10kgdo 25kg
Austria28 zł44 zł46 zł59 zł
Belgia32 zł56 zł58 zł69 zł
Czechy30 zł36 zł38 zł45 zł
Dania33 zł54 zł56 zł70 zł
Estonia50 zł68 zł71 zł81 zł
Finlandia72 zł116 zł119 zł129 zł
Francja kontynent45 zł69 zł70 zł79 zł
Grecja109 zł176 zł293 zł642 zł
Hiszpania kontynent55 zł114 zł117 zł126 zł
Holandia33 zł53 zł56 zł69 zł
Irlandia82 zł124 zł125 zł134 zł
Litwa41 zł50 zł53 zł61 zł
Łotwa45 zł60 zł61 zł66 zł
Niemcy30 zł39 zł41 zł50 zł
Portugalia46 zł107 zł111 zł125 zł
Rumunia52 zł81 zł84 zł95 zł
Słowacja30 zł43 zł46 zł57 zł
Słowenia40 zł69 zł72 zł84 zł
Szwecja54 zł88 zł90 zł104 zł
Węgry36 zł50 zł52 zł58 zł
Włochy48 zł81 zł83 zł92 zł

Dear customers, we are temporarily suspending the shipment of products to the UK. At the same time, we would like to remind you that you can buy our natural cosmetics at We apologize for the temporary inconvenience.

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