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“Environmentally friendly”, “hypoallergenic”, “no preservatives”. These slogans do not guarantee that the product we pick up is actually healthy and natural. Conscious consumers are looking for labels that ensure that a given product is 100 percent safe for their health – certificates provide such certainty.

The certificates have two main purposes:

  • first, they make it easier for professional buyers to quickly assess the manufacturer and its competence,
  • second, they help consumers avoid marketing pitfalls and sales gimmicks.

The certificates provide a guarantee of quality and a clear picture of the market situation, which tends to provide false and misleading information.

The products in 4organic have international certificates that ensure that the cosmetics are organic, hypoallergenic, free of harmful substances and, above all, healthy.

Product marking and certificates

There is a growing number of consumers who pay attention to ethical and environmental issues when shopping. DermaPharm is certified in terms of both the environment and ISO standards, and has obtained the Nordic Swan [Svanemærket] certification and the ECOCERT mark. What’s more, DermaPharm has been qualified by the Asthma-Allergi Danmark association, which places very high demands on the recipes and ingredients of the products.


Today, you can find many so-called “organic” products, but hardly any of them are certified. The purpose of using the ECOCERT logo on products is therefore to give consumers an unbiased, true and objective indication in their search for organic care products.

DermaPharm A / S received the ECOCERT certificate. In order to place the ECOCERT mark on packaging, it must meet the requirements for the development and production standards of natural and organic cosmetics.

In other words, ECOCERT is a guarantee of quality control and, among others:

  • organic certification
  • products are made of natural ingredients of plant origin (at least 95%)
  • the products are of organic origin (minimum 10% where water is not considered an organic component)
  • no parabens,
  • no artificial colors and synthetic alcohols,
  • the products have not been tested on animals.

More information can be found on the ECOCERT website.

It focuses on raw materials that provide a balance in nature.

Allergy Certified

AllergyCertified is an international organization that certifies cosmetics that are non-allergenic, safe for health, free of carcinogenic substances and those that may cause hormonal changes. Products certified by this organization may not contain fragrances, colorants, allergenic and harmful to health preservatives, as well as endocrine active substances, i.e. substances that cause hormonal changes. This allows you to make a safe choice for your health, prevent allergies and endocrine disruptions that often cause disease. Before receiving the AllergyCertified certificate, each product is thoroughly assessed by toxicologists who thoroughly test all ingredients in terms of the risk of allergies. The organization places very high demands on the composition of the products. By seeing the AllergyCertified mark on a product, you can be sure that the risk of an allergic reaction is kept to a minimum.
4organic is the first Polish brand to receive the AllergyCertified certificate.
The organization certifies products from all over the world, thanks to which you can choose skin-friendly products, regardless of whether you live in Sydney, Copenhagen, Tokyo, New York, Paris, Havana or Warsaw.

Astma-Allergi Danmark

One in four people is at risk of developing allergies at some point in their life. The good news is that they don’t have to suffer to maintain their beauty or expose themselves to more harmful substances than necessary.

Asthma-Allergi Danmark is a response to the ever-expanding plague of allergies and the addition of allergenic substances to cosmetics.

The Danish association checks the ingredients of the product for allergens.

Asthma-Allergi Danmark checks the list of ingredients of the product submitted for certification and determines whether it contains any allergens. This means – according to the results of recent studies – that these products minimize the risk of allergies.

Cosmetics that can boast the Asthma-Allergy Danmark certificate do not contain parabens, colorants, fragrances, unnecessary chemicals and other allergens.

It focuses on the health aspect of using the products.

Nordic Swan

Allergens are one thing, but it is also important whether the product has been produced in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. All enthusiasts of ecology look for solutions, food and cosmetics that have been produced without unnecessary interference with nature.

But how to check if a product meets the environmental requirements?

This is where the green Nordic Swan sign can help.

It is a guarantee to the consumer that the product meets today’s stringent environmental requirements and is among the products in its category that have the lowest environmental impact.

Nordic Swan also guarantees the highest quality of the product and care for your health. In other words, the Nordic Swan mark will show you safe products that determine the right one environmental standards.

It focuses on the state of the natural environment after the use of the product.

PETA Cruelty Free

The certificate of the international organization PETA Cruelty Free, which is on the packaging of cosmetics, confirms that the products are vegan and not tested on animals. PETA is an international non-profit organization that was founded in 1980 and based in the USA. Its main activity is the fight for animal rights. PETA is the world’s largest animal rights organization, conducts educational campaigns to promote the ethical treatment of animals, and organizes peaceful protests and pickets.

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