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Derma Detergents

Are you looking for a safe detergent for yourself and your loved ones?
Are you looking for an environmentally friendly product?

Derma presents a new line of laundry products that take care of you and the environment, and effectively deal with stains at the same time.
It is a safe choice for babies, allergy sufferers and everyone who cares about safety and health.

The products DO NOT CONTAIN fragrances, dyes, bleaches, suspected endocrine disruptors or other unnecessary chemicals.

They are gentle on you, environmentally friendly and effective at removing stains. Excellent washing performance also at low temperatures.

They contain very effective and safe oxygen bleaches that are completely safe for the skin and the environment, and at the same time provide very effective washing.

Certified products of Derma Washing Agents guarantee safety and the highest quality.

Each product has received as many as five certificates:

Nordic Ecolabel – for certified environmentally friendly products not tested on animals.

AllergyCertified and Asthma-Allergy Denmark – for certified hypoallergenic products, free from allergens and any harmful substances. No fragrances, no dyes.

FSC – meet the standards of forest management, which takes into account social, ecological and economic aspects – recycled packaging.

RSPO – palm oil used in the products comes from certified plantations.

They guarantee that our products are completely safe for your health and the environment.

Additionally, all Derma washing powders and liquids are VEGAN products.

APPLICATION: Always read the instructions for washing clothes and follow the dosing instructions. Empty pockets, close zippers and buttons and tear out clothes inside out. Sort garments by color and wash heavily colored fabrics separately. Apply a small amount of detergent to stubborn stains before washing. Do not soak clothes with metal parts. Soaking and handwashing: mix the detergent with water before putting on the clothes. Always make sure your clothes are completely covered with water.

Derma is a safe choice for you and the environment.

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