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Remember to wash off your makeup thoroughly after a day of work. Thanks to this, you will reduce the risk of blackheads, pimples and other imperfections, and your skin will breathe properly. The Derma Eco Woman line has products for daily face care. The make-up remover will gently but effectively remove makeup. The cleansing gel based on aloe vera will remove makeup residues and other dirt while gently moisturizing the skin. The next step is a tonic, after which the skin will have a balanced pH and will not dry out. The last step is a 24h face cream that will properly nourish and moisturize our face. Remember to choose creams that do not contain clogging substances that prevent skin from breathing. Thanks to these few simple steps, our skin will be clean, moisturized and nourished.

Before washing your hair, wet it with warm water. Thanks to this, the hair cuticles will open as well as the pores in the skin. Apply a walnut-sized amount of shampoo and massage your skin and hair. Then rinse and do it again. Choose a shampoo not for your hair, but for your scalp type. Fortunately, our Derma shampoos are universal, suitable for oily, dry and normal skin. They moisturize the scalp and do not burden the hair. After washing, apply the conditioner. Apply to your hands and pull in the direction of the hair from the roots to the tips. Finally, rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water. Thanks to these simple steps, your hair will be clean, nourished and undamaged, and will not lose water so quickly and will not dry out.

Avoid long hot baths. Use quick showers every day. Choose your optimum, as body hygiene is very important, but too intensive and frequent hygiene can also be harmful. Washing too often can disrupt the natural flora. Choose gentle cleansing products that will not irritate or dry the skin. After bathing, remember to moisturize it properly.

Read what ingredients contains cosmetic. Choose creams with a mineral or chemical filter, but one that is safe and not penetrating. Because filters penetrating after lubrication penetrate deep into the skin and into the bloodstream and can adversely affect our endocrine system. This can lead to a variety of health problems. Also pay attention to whether the product has certificates, what institutions issue them and what are the criteria for obtaining them. When choosing a sunscreen, you should also consider the environment, as sunscreen can also be harmful to the aquatic environment (plants and animals) in which you bathe.

Remember to be reasonable. Too infrequent or too frequent washing is not recommended. Use intimate hygiene gels on a daily basis, which are gentle and effective at the same time. Choose those that contain lactic acid. Thanks to it, you will maintain or restore the appropriate pH of the mucosa 3.6-4.5, which will allow you to reduce the risk of intimate infections. Remember that the bacterial flora can be easily weakened every day, e.g. by antibiotic therapy, menstruation, improper hygiene, stress and others.

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