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The skin is an organ which, apart from its protective functions, is the largest absorbing surface, so what we put on it or what it comes into contact with our skin – does not remain indifferent to our health. We make every effort to take care of beauty, hygiene, comfort and cleanliness. Sometimes, however, we forget to take a closer look at the actual composition of personal care cosmetics, intimate hygiene products or cleaning products that we use.

We are often not aware that cosmetics, hygiene products, cleaning products may contain allergenic and dangerous to health preservatives, e.g. formaldehyde and its derivatives (including 2-bromo-2nitropropane-1,3-diol), Methylisothiazolinone (MI), dangerous parabens or extremely sensitizing fragrances that are on the European list of 26 strongest allergens or substances not included in this list are marked with as a perfume or fragrance.

The safest for health are not only natural products, but also truly hypoallergenic ones: free from allergenic substances, fragrance-free, without coorants and without unnecessary fillers.

It is worth remembering that natural ingredients can also cause allergies because the fragrances they contain can be very strong allergens. It is good practice to make sure that the products we choose do not smell, read ingredients, and trust international certification organizations that carefully check the composition of each product before their organization’s logo appears on the packaging. Thanks to this, choosing a health-safe product at the shelf is much easier.

Organic and truly hypoallergenic products have the ECOCERT and AllergyCertified or Asthma-Allergy Denmark logos on the packaging.

The international Allergy Certified certificate guarantees that the product is free from allergenic substances, such as fragrances, hazardous preservatives, colorants and others. This certificate ensures that all ingredients have been tested for health safety. On the other hand, the ECOCERT certificate is a guarantee that the product is made of natural ingredients of plant origin, does not contain parabens, artificial colorants, synthetic alcohols and has not been tested on animals.

Choosing products that are safe for health and with good ingredients is even more important in the case of a baby. The skin of a newborn baby is much thinner and more absorbent than adult’s skin, because the protective layer is not yet fully formed. Therefore, only extremely mild preparations containing specially selected, safe ingredients are recommended for its care. Certified skin care products free of fragrances, colorants and other irritants guarantee adequate protection and care for the sensitive skin of a child, also with the problem of atopic dermatitis (AD).

Unfortunately, cosmetics for children available on the market often contain highly allergenic fragrances.

Even more attention should be paid to safety when choosing products for children. The best ones will be those that are organic and at the same time allergen-free.

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