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Our products are organic, hypoallergenic and certified. International certification organizations (ECOCERT, Asthma-Allergy Denmark, AllergyCertified, Nordic Ecolabel) guarantee their organic, safe for allergy sufferers, health and also for the environment.

We are extremely proud of the fact that thanks to Derma Eco Baby cosmetics, parents have a chance to avoid contact allergy and atopic dermatitis of their babies, providing them with the best and safest care.

Our products are designed for everyone who has sensitive skin and is prone to allergies, as well as for those who live consciously, want to use the best natural and safe cosmetics, want to avoid allergies and other health problems in the future. We attach great importance to the composition of products, the origin of individual substances and their purity. The ingredients in the Derma Eco Baby, Derma Eco Woman and 4organic lines are not only organic, but also free of allergens to safely care for even the most sensitive skin of a child or adult.

All our products are fragrance-free as fragrance is the strongest allergen. The international Allergy Certified organization guarantees that our products for children, women, men and washing detergents are free from allergens, which makes them extremely safe. Our certified products are a guarantee of the highest quality and safety.

We currently offer the following brands:

  • Derma – natural and hypoallergenic, safe daily care for children, women, men, the whole family, pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • 4organic – natural and hypoallergenic products for intimate hygiene and body washing for children, certified by the international organization AllergyCertified. Minimizing the risk of allergies, infections, mild and safe ingredients
  • GingerOrganic – intimate hygiene products made of pure organic cotton (tampons, pads, liners)
  • OrganicCup – menstrual cups for intimate hygiene of women, made of certified medical material
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