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Do you know that?

“Creams with a UV filter have a harmful effect on the aquatic environment and on the life and development of animals”

Therefore, our Derma Sun products have filters that are safe for the environment and animals, as evidenced by the NordicEcoLabel certificate.

“Each person produces over a quarter of a ton of waste a year. Plastic alone takes up to 1000 years to decompose!”

Fortunately, our products are completely biodegradable. Our GingerOrganic sanitary pads are packed in a biofilm made of non-GMO corn meal.

“Chemical fertilizers now account for about 80% of the market, and the consumption of chemicals from chemical fertilizers and pesticides has devastating effects on animal health. Chemicals leached into surface waters can cause the so-called blooms in ponds and lakes – intensive development of plants leads to the depletion of oxygen in the water and ultimately kills the animals living in this environment.”

That is why many of our ingredients come from organic farming 🙂

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